Meditation Tools

One thing virtually all spiritual systems seem to agree upon is this: we (and especially those of us living in developed western countries) spend way too much time on externals and not nearly enough time going inward. Bottom line: we all need to learn to meditate just to gain,  maintain or enhance our collective sanity in these transitional times.

Some meditation practices, such as Paramahansa Yogananda‘s Kriya Yoga, can be very demanding in terms of posture, position of the hands and eyes, breathing, etc. Others, such as the Tibetan Buddhist system for obtaining the “Rainbow Body” can require decades of solitary meditation in a cave somewhere. Many techniques rely on simpler points of focus like repeating sounds or mantras, holding visualizations….but, where to start? The consensus seems to be:  start somewhere and keep trying until you find the method that works for you.

Here are some programs available to get you going. With practice, you will eventually be able to ditch the CDs, MP3s, videos and books and connect with your inner being without external stimulus. But the tools can be a helpful way to start:


Click Here! for Self Help Tree products – a 12 week meditation program designed for those who recognize the need to still the chattering mind and seek the stillness within, but are not quite sure how to begin.

Click Here! for Daily Meditation – sends a meditation video embedded in an email to your inbox for viewing using the internet.

Click Here! for Deep Zen Meditation by Holothink – good testimonials for this audio-based program

Click Here! for Quantum Money Meditations – designed to help you to remove pesky psychic barriers in order to attract more abundance into your life.

Click Here! for Rest Therapy’s Sound Bath/Light Bath – guided audio and visual meditations – really interesting site.