Mas Sajady


Not long ago I received an email from another trusted source (Drunvalo Melchizidek) inviting me to jump onto a webinar with Mas Sajady. I had never heard of him, but had the time and got on the call.

Mas was a successful computer programmer who had lived through not one, but two near-death experiences. These left him with gifts which help people in amazing ways. He is able to work remotely, by phone or internet connection with little to no information about you as an individual (ala Edgar Cayce). Mas has the ability to scan and correct “distortions” at levels of your spiritual being which are cut off for most of us – these can pertain to physical, emotional, mental, economic issues…you name it.

His website,, notes “Materializing fast and tangible results, Mas works at a level beyond most known modalities….” After several encounters, I have to agree.

After the webinar from Drunvalo’s Sedona studio, I immediately looked Mas up on YouTube and watched a presentation which included a brief autobiography, guided meditation and healing session. Unexpectedly, a burning pain I had developed in my left hip just basically disappeared and has not come back. That was just from  watching him on YouTube! After that I started scheduling sessions through his website. The results have been consistently mind-blowing.

“Confusion is often fantastic. It can mean that you’ve awakened and have deleted your default programs.” – Mas Sajady