David Wilcock

David WilcockOK. So picture a youngish man with blond hair and blue eyes standing on a stage. He’s juggling a dozen balls in the air and each ball has a label on it: esoteric teachings – exopolitics – insider testimony – sacred geometry – UFOs – physics – conspiracy fact – Illuminati – Golden Age prophesy – disclosure events – Law of One – ancient aliens – pyramids – secret space programs….Well, maybe there’s more than twelve balls. But the whole time he’s juggling he’s maintaining a steady verbal narrative with fluency, humor and near perfect delivery.

That’s David Wilcock.

Now. You may not be comfortable with everything that comes out of his mouth. In fact, some of the information he shares is downright disturbing because it shows us in such detail that our current collective belief system is – to a great degree – a programmed fiction.

But it’s important to suspend your disbelief and need to maintain the status quo and really listen to what he’s saying. The guy has done his research.

I’ve been following David’s work for at least 10 years or so via his website DivineCosmos.com. He has tons of written material available there, complete with citations. You can also read his books – I think two were on the New York Times Best Seller List:


David is also the leading proponent and interpreter of the channelled work The Law of One series.
Or (best of all) you can watch David expound all these subjects and more by subscribing to Gaia TV. He hosts three shows : Disclosure, Wisdom Teachings (138 half-hour episodes as I write this) and Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode. He is also a guest on other Gaiam offerings such as George Noory’s “Beyond Belief” series.

As David would say, check it out.