Channeled Sources

Channelled Information

The process of channelling is one in which a consciousness on the “other side of the veil” communicates through a living human being. That consciousness can be one of a myriad of service-oriented entities: i.e. a dead loved one, an angelic being, a benevolent hybrid (human + extraterrestrial) from the future or an ascended master. On the other hand, the channelled source may be a negative or manipulative entity who’s mostly interested in creating fear. Another “channelled” source may be the guy down the street who’s being paid to debunk anyone with a more highly evolved perspective than our current culture can handle. At least, that’s the conviction of the ones doing the paying.

Discernment is always key, as there is virtually a “world’s fair of psychic phenomena” out there, as the late Elizabeth Clare Prophet put it. The Law of One divides the good from the bad and ugly by evaluating if the source is in the service to self or service to others category. The only way to know that is by really evaluating the content of the channelled message.

Another key to telling the white hats from the black hats is to be on the lookout for those who insist that they have a monopoly on the truth. But I think this quote from Messages from Matthew says it well: “I am only one of the message-givers who have been offering guidance for spiritual preparedness. It is reassuring to hear the same things from more than one source, so I hope you know of others who also have been urging you to send love to all of Earth because love is the key to all healing; to stay out of fear, regardless of what you may hear or read; to develop discernment in all information, perhaps most especially channeled in these days at hand; and to stop relying on external sources for answers to your deepest soul-searching questions and instead, go within and trust the answers that come from your soul as intuition.