Speaking of Reincarnation….

 Speaking of Reincarnation….

Cassius Clay died in 1903 at 92. A native of Kentucky, he was second cousin to Henry Clay. Though born into a slave-holding family, Cassius Clay freed his own slaves and was a strident abolitionist. He published the only anti-slavery newspaper in the South. Before changing his name, boxer Muhammed Ali had been named for him.

Gregory Peck was born in 1916. Probably his best known role was that of Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. Peck won the Academy Award in 1962 for portraying a lawyer who defended an unjustly accused black man in the Depression era South.

Look at the set of the mouth – the proportion of the features. Both Gregory and Cassius have 7 letters – Clay and Peck contain 4 each. I’m just saying….

Cassius Clay

Cassius Clay

Gregory Peck-flipped

Gregory Peck

Physical Resemblance from Lifetime to Lifetime

Sometime in the early ‘80s I was watching a PBS special on the history of genetics research. The program went through several centuries of founding fathers in this field and showed a drawing of one of the early masters. I remember the program asserted that his work was essentially forgotton for generations, only to be taken up by someone else something like 400 years later. This time they showed a statue of the researcher who picked up the thread and ran with it. I was struck by the facial resemblance between the two men. And being a portrait artist, I’m quick to recognize such things.

It dawned on me that this may have been a later incarnation of the same soul and that we may indeed take our physiognomy with us in successive lifetimes. After that, I simply accepted it as a given in my own world view.

Thirty years later, this same idea is being expressed by various people including Dr. Jim Tucker, who includes forensic face matching technology in his research. He has a couple of books which discuss children’s memories of past lives:

There are also internet sites, such as http://www.iisis.net/ which offers some compelling reincarnation stories with image comparisons. Another interesting site is http://personalityspirituality.net/tag/john-lennon/. I linked to the John Lennon page because that’s what first drew me in.

If you’re a David Wilcock fan, he has a fascinating look at this idea in his book The Synchronicity Key (check out the Hannibal/ Hitler connection!)