Such a big topic now. In honor of the recent influx of new subscribers to this site, it’s time to say something about Disclosure (with a capital D).


According to well-known researcher, lecturer and author David Wilcock and prominent whistleblower, Corey Goode, we – the little people – have been receiving “soft disclosure” of information related to UFOs, secret space programs and suppressed technology for a very long time…. In movies. Let’s take a look at a very few.

1951: The Day the Earth Stood Still. As soon as mankind starts monkeying around with atomic weapons, Klaatu, the humanoid extraterrestrial, lands his craft in Washington DC and issues a warning to the world: if you get careless with this stuff, our robot (newspeak: AI) cops will have the option to “…reduce your world to a burned-out cinder.” Note that his craft does not appear to run on fossil fuel.

1968: 2001: A Space Odyssey. See Jay Weidners film, Kubrick’s Odyssey from 2011 on Gaia TV.  Reportedly, Stanley Kubrick  made a deal with the Pentagon in 1963 which allowed him an unlimited budget for 2001 and the option to make any film he wanted up to Eyes Wide Shut in 1999. Without going into detail or hyperbole, this will blow your mind.

1976: Star Wars. Specifically, the Death Star. If you go back through Wilcock’s series, Wisdom Teachings, you’ll find episodes which isolate images from the Hubble telescope of planetary satellites that look just like – you guessed it – the Death Star. With a lot of explanation. Note that the Death Star does not appear to run on fossil fuel.

Keep in mind this is a very short list of examples, but include seminal films. The contributions of the entire Star Trek franchise cannot be underestimated in opening our minds to other worlds, other species, final frontiers. We continue to receive soft disclosure to this day.


Recently, I became aware of news reporting covering NASA’s assertion that we will begin geoengineering (chem trailing) our atmosphere in order to buffer us the little people from increasing UV levels. If they’re coming out publicly with this, it means they’ve already been doing it for 30 years. This is an example of partial disclosure. See GeoengineeringWatch.com (Dane Wigington) on YouTube.

NASA news releases that suddenly tell us that our moon and Mars and many other exoplanets have water (after decades of telling us that they’re dry, barren places) means this information has been available for at least the last 30 years. It’s partial disclosure to prepare us for the idea that there’s a lot of life out there.

What you find on mainstream media will be the minimal disclosure advocated by the powers that still be. There’s craziness on YouTube, but also something closer to full disclosure.


Imagine a world where we, the little people, know about and have access to the 5700+ patents which have been classified and withheld from us by the US government. Imagine we have access to advanced healing technology, free energy, the truth about UFOs, our financial control system, our actual history.

Free energy is a real sticking point. Acknowledgement of UFO contact and presence is a real sticking point. Why? Because once we acknowledge our old friends the flying saucers, we have to confront the fact that they are powered by something other than gasoline. You figure it out.