Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson channels Adronis of Sirius. You can access many of his messages and teachings at Here is a synopsis of his recent predictions for 2016.

Per Adronis, the year 2015 was a year of integration which cracked a hard and long-standing shell around our Earth. This shell hid many dark shadows relating to our collective historical, political, educational, monetary and sociological myths and understandings. Apparently, towards the end of 2015 this shell of secrecy and misinformation was literally exploded. [The Internet, no doubt, played a major role in this uncovering. But we do see signs of it beginning in mainstream media as well.]

Adronis said in this transmission that 2016 will be a year of illumination. More information will be disclosed bringing increased global realization of just how much has been concelaed from us for centuries. Transmution of darkness will take place in various sectors:

– Some of the “too big to fail” banks will indeed begin to fail as the incredible extent of monetary control and manipulation come to light. This will create an uprising of local banks, which will actually enrich the people.

– A trend toward amalgamation of countries will lead toward a global unified currency.

– Fundamental changes in the way governments behave will result in the election of “people-selected leaders” in many countries, accompanied by more responsible and service-oriented government.

– Many cartels of criminal organizations will be exposed, which could lead to multiple arrests extending into 2017.

– “Celestial passings” of comets and other bodies will facilitate a purification of energy around the planet. This will be accomplished through the creating of “magnetic ripples” that bring upgrades to our biological codes. These trajectories help compensate for energy surges through our planet as our solar system travels through different sectors of the galaxy. Higher octaves of frequency are entering our corner of the universe and these celestial bodies help balance the “energetic disbursement” and bring frequencies supporting unification of the human race into our reach.

What about the long-awaited extraterrestrial disclosure? According to Adronis, incremental data points will be alloted by mainstream medial in small chunks: the existence of microbial, plant and even animal life on other planets, moons, etc. There is the potential that more evidence of ancient interplanetary civilizaions will be brought forward through grassroots sources. [This is already occurring].

But it seems that any expectation of a global first contact is premature. Earth will not be entitled to open contact with galactic civilizations until we are able to demonstrate that we – as a species – are moving away from traits we now attribute to “human nature” like judgement, separation, racism, poverty, war, starvation….the list goes on. When we can show that we are working alongside ourselves and in the best interest of our mother world, we will have reached a threshold of eligibility for real contact.