Unplug – Remember Real Life Skills?

Unplug – Real Life Skills

Can you read aloud?
Can you construct a shelter?
Can you stitch up a wound?
Can you figure out how to get water if the grid goes down?
Can you devise a water distiller?
Can you play Solitaire with real playing cards? (Do you have a set of real playing cards?)
Can you take care of children?
Can you grow food?
Can you birth a child?
Can you assist someone who’s dying?
Can you hit a rabid animal with a slingshot?
Can you teach someone how to meditate?
Can you sew or knit a piece of clothing?
Do you know how to barter?
Can you make an air conditioner that doesn’t use electricity? You can now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68naObBQxNg


Unplug…? What a concept for anyone born after 1950! Imagine no phone…no computer…no TV…no Cloud. Can you make it through a day without these items? Try it. For one day.

Ask yourself: Do you have any useful life skills in a REAL emergency (i.e. no electricity). What would you actually be able to offer a neighbor? Beacuse you won’t be able to text your family 600 miles away for advice. You’ll have to think of the people on your block as your family.

Recently at a dinner party we went around the room and evaluated each person’s base-line, nitty gritty survival skills. It was an educational party game, I must say. My best friend teaches Shakespeare and Milton for a living. That won’t count for that much in a bonafide emergency, but she IS a good gardener and that would count. Her husband works on computers. What transferrable skills might he have?

This is not an incitement to fear nor a prediction that something dire is about to happen. It’s just an exercise in returning to the REAL. Unplugging from Matrix in a way. Is there a usable skill you would like to learn? Go for it!

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