Staying Centered in Tumultuous Times

Things really do feel tumultuous lately, don’t they? What with conflicting reports about the deep state, chemtrails, AI, Pedogate, outings for everything from decades old sexual harassment to all out human trafficking, destructive anomalous weather patterns, MSM vs. Q…the list goes on.

When it’s hard to stay grounded and keep from “tumbling on the periphery of your aura,” as Elizabeth Clare Prophet once said, think about three things: Alignment. Coherence. Magnification.


No, this doesn’t refer to your spinal vertebrae or chakras. True spiritual alignment occurs when your thoughts, feelings and action are completely in sync. You can want to meditate (heart) and do your practice flawlessly (body), but if you’re thinking (head) the whole time about your finances, work or picking up the kids after school, you’re not actually in alignment!

If you want an example of success through alignment, look at an early Beatles concert at the Cavern. These guys were not only aligned as individuals, but as a group – they moved, reacted and seemed to think as one. No wonder they were such a potent force in the 60’s and beyond. When you’re totally in alignment with whatever you’re doing, you create energetic influence – whether for good or ill is up to you.


Being in alignment radiates a coherent energy field from your heart, throughout your body and into your neighbor’s living room. It releases healing neurochemistry and hormones, reduces aggression and makes you more inclined to problem solve than spray graffiti down by the bridge.

HeartMath Institute is a good source for further research. Also, Greg Braden explains heart coherency nicely in this short video:


Most of us have heard the Bible verse (Matthew 18:20) “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there among them.” Only two or three people saying the same prayer and God is right there?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet taught that the power of chants or “decrees” equaled the number of people chanting squared. So if there are two of you, you have the power of four. Ten people have the power of 100….

The Maharishi Effect is an increasingly well-documented practice and study of the effects of mass meditation in reducing crime. See:

In short: if you have a few like-minded people you can pray, meditate or chant with, it will increase the potency of your individual intentions and radiate that positive influence further into a chaotic world!.

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