How many of us have been studying or using affirmations for decades now? On and off, off and on….Well, now it’s time to dust them off, reorganize and modify them for current terms that didn’t really come into play years ago. Terms like matrix, light grid, Field.

It also used to be just fine to think your affirmations. Now it’s time to say them out loud. Your brain needs to hear them through your ears to maximize their effectiveness. Just start with one or two that really grab you. Here are some suggestions:

Affirmations for physical wellbeing

All the cells, tissues and organs of my body are now youthing according to my desires.

Each cell replaces itself with a more perfect cell from my divine blueprint.

I naturally sleep well through the night and wake up feeling refreshed and vital.

Everything I eat turns to health, youth and beauty.

I am whole.

Affirmations for clearing

I am releasing all programs, imprints and patterns which do not serve me.

I am releasing all density which does not serve me.

I am releasing myself from the matrix.

I surrender to my highest alignment.

Affirmations for abundance

I now receive assistance and cooperation from people.

People enjoy paying me for what I enjoy doing the most.

Every dollar I spend comes back multiplied, under grace in perfect ways.

Affirmations for safety and spiritual growth

I am safe.

I am always consciously connected to the Field.

I now expand rapidly into the divine plan of my life.

I am divinely led.

I surrender to my highest alignment.

Everything is aligning in divine perfection.

I create my own timeline as I wish.

Affirmations to help all life

By releasing my fears I create ease and grace for all the planet.

Through my conscious connection with the Field, I emanate coherent frequencies to the world.



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