2016 Predictions: Matthew, Bashar and Adronis

Matthew WardFood for thought:

Matthew’s 2016 Predictions

The messages of Matthew Ward from 8/17/15: “As for our ‘perspective’ of the political scene in the United States, as revelations emerge between now and election day, you shall see why all the media chatter about which of the many candidates will become president is such a pitiful waste of energy.”



Darryl Anka

Darryl Anka

Bashar’s 2016 Predictions

Bashar: “As we have already mentioned in a [previous] transmission, the fall of 2016 will be a moment where everything will change. Everything will change! Now, what does this mean?

As we have often said, of course, there is really no such thing as a prediction of THE future because it is in flux…. So what we are about to say is representative of the sensing of the energy in your collective consciousness and individual consciousnesses that exists right now in the present [published 8/04/15] that are beginning to build up such a strong momentum… that they are unlikely to divert and very probably may begin to manifest in your physical reality and…come to a head in the fall of 2016 or at the very least, begin to plant the seeds for things that will open up over the few years after that….When those things change, you will be able to trace it back to the fall of 2016 to see where the change began.

What this means is, it is a very very very VERY good idea to get in alignment with yourself very quickly.”

Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson

Adronis’ 2016 Predictions

Adronis: 7/09/14 interview with Rob Gauthier: “Adronis, is it true that the fall of 2016 you will indeed see that everything will change? Is this true?”

“Yes, it is! Everything will change because everything’s changing right now….basically what’s happening is that there is a specific domino effect happening upon your world in regards to the areas of, shall we say, celestial objects that have been passing through your system over these past couple of years…from your comet Elany…your comet Isis..other comets that are going to be coming together here. These are all propagative instruments that are actually helping to rewire your planet specifically for a 4th density jump.

The whole idea is that between now and your year of 2016 across…America…North America and area of the United States you will discover that there will…be further events taking place..in your governmental systems into a new process of…people powered orientation.”

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